If you are interested in validating your English proficiency by passing an international standard exam, you might have heard that aside from IELTS, there is another certbolt test that is known and respected in many countries. This is TOEFL, and in this post, we’ll introduce you to this illustrious assessment required in many universities and other various institutions. Here we go!

TOEFL and Its Significance

TOEFL basically means Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is administered by ETS, Educational Testing Service, which is a nonprofit organization that envisions and uplifts the quality of education by supervising assessments.

This https://www.certbolt.com/ exam is fitted for non-native English speakers who wish to enter a university in English-speaking countries. Although a TOEFL score is not a mandatory element for all universities, it is considered a yardstick for several prominent ones.

Why TOEFL Is Unlike Any Other English Test?

TOEFL banks on its unbiased system of scoring. While other tests still carry out one-on-one interviews for their applicants, things are done differently in this certbolt exam. It is well aware that a person’s identity and accent can sometimes get in the way for local examiners. That is why TOEFL scores its candidates with the advanced help of AI technology and adept test raters. There will be no need for a rater eyeing your every move. You just speak into a microphone, and voila!

TOEFL's Eminence Across the Globe

TOEFL is preferred by 11,000+ distinguished foreign universities and institutions over other English tests. Its scores are treated with acclamation in over 150 countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Every year, there are about 50 test dates made for all interested applicants.

About the Four Sections of TOEFL

The assessment is divided into four sections which you must shower your attention to. As usual, it will test your writing, reading, listening, and speaking capabilities. You shall finish each module within the given time limit, and the whole duration of the certbolt test is about 3 hours. For every section, your score may reach from 0 to 30 making up a total mark of 120.

Taking into Account the Test Format

The questions are constructed in a multiple-choice format. You may find several types of items ranging from vocabulary, negative factual information, and the like. Also, there are two ways to take your TOEFL test. You may have it via the internet (this version is known as TOEFL iBT) or in the paper-based format. Lastly, the cost of the examsnap.com may vary according to your location.


Enriching Your Skills with Test Prep Courses

You can actually learn all this information and gain the required skills through test prep resources. Many of them such as training sessions, books, tutorials, certbolt practice tests, and the like are highly informative. Anyway, you have to be careful in picking out the materials provided by reliable names in the market. Only in this case, you’ll build the roadways for your TOEFL accomplishment.


Test prep courses, instructional videos, and mocks will broadly tell you the ABCs of the certbolt exam. If you invest in the right ones, you’ll be finishing your TOEFL with the same confidence as you started it. Prepare thoroughly, rest enough, and stay calm yet focused during your assessment, and your dreams will come true!