Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah, has taken to her Instagram page to condemn same-sex marriage, emphasizing that her bible frowns on it.

In a short video, the actress was seen lamenting about the consequences and health implications same-sex marriage can have on those practicing it and how it can affect others, especially future generations.

According to her, even though she knows she stands a risk of being misconstrued for what she said, she doesn’t care as she is disturbed by the situation and has to voice out her take on it.

She further clarified that a man sleeping with a woman through the anus is different from two men or two women having sex, stressing that some sins are much bigger than others

The host of the ‘Red Light’ show on United Television asserted that she is a bible believing Christian and that her bible taught her God created Adam and his helper Eve and not Adam and another Adam.

The actress also opined that people must desist from saying that they don’t have any business to do with what people do with their sexuality as they can be affected in the future.

‘‘You will oneday pay with your time and money if you continue to say you don’t care,’’ she stated.

Vicky to a greater extent divulged that it will be very difficult to completely eradicate same sex marriage if God doesn’t intervene, as some countries have legalized it but appealed for the practice to be minimized.

She further called on her colleagues to speak on the matter as their voices can have a great and positive impact with regard to the situation.

Watch the video below: