Afia Schwarzenegger has pleaded with Kevin Taylor to re-consider his intent to ‘run down’ Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s investment.

Earlier in his fight with Nana Yaa Brefo, Kevin Taylor stormed social media with threats to destroy Dr. Kweku Oteng, who is the former’s boss.

Taylor said he intends to teach the popular business mogul a lesson for employing what he described as a fool to lead his investment.

“I will show Kweku Oteng what social media can do. I want you people to come on social media and challenge me that I can’t bring Adonko down and let’s see. I am giving Kweku Oteng two weeks and I will hit his eyeballs. Just two weeks. Adonko is what I want. I don’t want Angel and his other companies. Adonko is Kweku Oteng’s heart and that is what I want. I want to tear his heart off. I will show Ghanaians what is in Adonko and why Adonko should not move on,” He said in a video that has since gone viral.

However, Afia Schwarzenegger has pleaded with the social commentator to rescind his decision.

She said Kevin Taylor has every right to fight whoever he deems fit but her godfather (Kwaku Oteng) should be an exception.

According to Afia, Dr. Kwaku Oteng is the type that hates controversies, and dragging him into this feud could put him in a difficult place.

“Kevin Taylor, you feel me and I feel you too. You are my brother so when you are doing something, I should be able to address it. Kevin, whatever you are doing isn’t my problem. I am such that, I really don’t care what people do with their lives.

“Fight whoever fights you but please don’t go anywhere near Dr. Kweku Oteng. I am pleading with you because he isn’t the type that likes problems. So, stop what you’re doing I beg you. it isn’t nice. You can contend with whoever disrespects you but take Papa out of this. He is my father,” she stated in a TikTok live.

Watch the video below:

Source: GhanaWeb