Television presenter Berla Mundi has launched a disguised attack on Yvonne Nelson implying the award-winning actress is jealous of her progress.

Mundi, whose original name is Berlinda Addardey, was forced into the disguised riposte after Nelson exposed the GhOne presenter for dating a married man.

The relationship between the two hit the rocks this week when a discussion on Mundi's show explored the rumours over Nelson's relationship with British photographer.

Producer Yvonne Nelson has been in the news over her new baby with Jamie Roberts as some claims the actress snatched the man from his marital home.

Comments and discussing the issues related to the actress on Mundi's “Heels and Sneakers” looks to have infuriated Nelson who took to Twitter to lash out at Mundi claiming she is dating a married man.

Mundi has now hit back at Nelson implying the actress is jealous over her career progress by seeking to besmirch her achievements.

“Whenever you see a successful person; you only see the public glories; never the private sacrifice,” Mundi wrote in a veiled response to Yvonne Nelson.

The new rift between Yvonne Nelson and Berla Mundi is not about to disappear soon with more dirty linen to be washed in the public soon.

Yvonne Nelson and Jamie Roberts have appeared in a number of love-inspired photos and even videos which have gained admiration from many of her fans and followers.

Watch the video of Berla Mundi's comments that infuriated Yvonne Nelson