In a resounding endorsement, Andre Ayew, the captain of the Ghana national team, has expressed his deep admiration for the Ghana Premier League, citing his lifelong affinity for the league since his childhood days.

The influential footballer, renowned for his successful career in Europe, emphasized his unwavering support for the local league and called upon his fellow Ghanaians to continue their love and backing for it.

As Ghana's most capped player, Ayew spoke highly of the Ghana Premier League, recognizing its crucial role in nurturing and developing local talent.

Ayew's endorsement holds great weight, as his extensive international experience affords him a unique perspective on football leagues. His backing serves as a powerful testament to the quality and potential of the Ghana Premier League.

"As a kid, I have always been a fan of our Premier League. It is a league that I personally admire because I dreamt of playing in it when I was young," Ayew passionately shared, endorsing the Ghana Premier League.

Ayew also highlighted the positive impact of the league in providing a platform for local players to showcase their skills. He expressed optimism about the league's progress and the continuous advancement of its infrastructure.

"It helps the local players to showcase themselves. So, for me, I believe the league has progressed, and the infrastructure surrounding it is advancing. I hope this positive trend continues," Ayew added optimistically.

Ayew's resolute support for the Ghana Premier League underscores its significance in the development of local football talent. His endorsement is expected to inspire renewed enthusiasm and support for the league, further enhancing its reputation and attracting more attention from fans and stakeholders alike.