It was an embarrassing moment when two top Ghanaian actresses were unable to give the full meaning of simple acronyms in an intelligence survey.

In the survey, some Ghanaian celebrities including actresses Gloria Sarfo, Kafui Danku, and others including Ameyaw Debrah, were being asked a ‘simple’ English question.

The question for the day was “what is the meaning of a.k.a”?.

To the shock of many, Gloria Safo and Kafui Danku couldn’t give the answer (also known as) to that question.

Gloria Sarfo answered: “a.k.a means alias..,”; then she confidently asked the one interviewing her if she was right. Gloria Sarfo later asked the presenter to teach her what a.ka. really means.

When it was Kafui Danku’s turn, she also answered: “Popularly known as, or alias…”

Fans of the actresses, who have seen the video, have expressed shock at the fact that their star actresses couldn’t give an answer to that simple test.

Watch the video below;