She may have shot to fame after starring in, perhaps, the most raunchy Ghanaian music video. The unusual steamy sex scenes naturally caught the attention of Ghanaians as the video went viral until it was yanked off YouTube for violating its rules on nudity. Yet, in the face of harsh criticisms and downright insults for baring it all, Nana Yaa remains unruffled and says her portrayal in Lord Paper’s Ewurama music video was a true reflection of her bad girl character known only by her close associates.

Showing amazing courage under fire, Yvonietta Perl Darko (Nana Yaa) spoke frankly about how she was attracted by naughty stuff around her, including playing the bad girl in videos.

“I am a bad girl and I guess that makes me different from other people. I am daring, adventurous and always want to try different things. Let me just say I feel very comfortable when I do bad things,” she told Showbiz in an interview last Monday.

Nana Yaa is not your typical 20-year-old lady. She describes herself as adventurous, and her physical appearance reflects her free-spirited persona. She has eight piercings on her lips, belly button and nipples. On social media, particularly on Instagram where she goes by the moniker ‘nana-yaa-jamaica’, she has shared over 300 photographs and videos with different poses and in different outfits to reflect her real personality.

And it comes as little surprise that the daring young lady says she prefers to date men who are as crazy as her, but she would not mind marrying a man of God provided he can contain and handle her.

“Nothing moves me and I don’t care what anyone says about me because no one knows me better than I know myself. No matter what you do, people will also talk about you so I have tried not to allow anyone let me down or discourage me from what I want to do,” she said.

While admitting the Ewurama video just blew her cover, Nana Yaa insists she was not seeking for attention for her cheeky role in the controversial music video with Lord Paper, having played similar character in music videos for Tic Tac, Epixode, Luther, Galaxy, among others.

“I don’t need attention for anything, if you employ me for a music video and I like the concept I just shoot it without thinking about what anyone would say” she revealed.

Nana Yaa opened up to Showbiz on the controversial issue of having sex in the Ewurama video, insisting that she did not ‘bonk’ on set despite the intensity of the act which may have portrayed them as humping.

“I was nude, yes, but there was nothing like sex. There is no way I will have sex in a music video. No amount of money will make me do that because I have a boyfriend I truly love,” admitted the aspiring musician.

Despite criticisms by her boyfriend, friends and family for her role in Ewurama, Nana Yaa told Showbiz none of her critics mustered the courage to reprimand her in person. And she hopes her daring role serves as an encouragement for young ladies to live their dreams and not get discouraged by other people’s criticisms.

“I know a lot of young girls who really want to explore but are afraid of what the society will say.”

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