Vivien Bodycote is a 59 year old grandmother of four who has admitted her obsession with the manager of Manchester United. Vivien claims she gets weak at the knees at the sight of Mourinho in the back pages and has dedicated her body to him.

She has covered her body with 20 different tattoos of the former Chelsea boss: "I rarely go into town and not come back with another Jose tattoo on my body, I must have 20 of just him. He's not just the special one, he's the only one"

check out her video below;

video credit: Bleachers Report

Viv's husband who retired from working with concrete over a decade ago has helped feed into her addiction. He splashed £800 of his pension on tattoos of Jose's face all over his wife's body.

That mouthwatering figure her husband has spent on getting tattoos of another man on her body wouldn't count for much apparently when she finally meets Jose one day."I would die if I saw him in the flesh and for Mourinho I would cheat" she said confidently.

By Daraja Mutari/