The internet has a video involving popular internet sensation, Wee Teacher, and some officials from the Ghana Police Service.

According to information sighted on @rumours_and_gossips_gh, Wee Teacher was arrested for smoking marijuana at the Kpoo Keke Celebrity Gala match held in Sakumono over the weekend.

In the video, two uniformed police officers were seen escorting the popular internet sensation out of the area.

Wee Teacher who engaged in an argument with one of the officers while he was being arrested turned back, refusing to be taken to the police station.

The moment got intense as the police tried to put handcuffs on his hand, triggering onlookers to come close to the scene.

Meanwhile, Wee Teacher began to agitate, telling the officers that there is nothing wrong if he smokes marijuana, popularly known in Ghana as ‘wee.’