Curvy Gambian born actress, Princess Shyngle has shared tips to men on how to keep their women happy during sex. 

The controversial socialite lists some of the things men should never put their female partners through.

According to Princess Shyngle, these are the 4 things women hate during sex. 1.  When the D comes out to play too early. 

Foreplay is very essential to women and so says the Gambian princess. Apparently, it’s a huge turn off when you pull your penis out after just 2 secs of kissing. 2.  When you try forcing a BJ out of her

Princess shingle says to stop pushing your girls head towards your groin during sex. For her, it’s a turnoff and she would prefer to give a bj out of her own violation. So dear men, calm down and let things flow. 3.  When you don’t treat the clit right

As a very sensitive organ, the actress begs men to handle the clitoris with care during foreplay. She also says there should be an understanding concerning the delicate nature of the clitoris for maximum optimization. 4.  You should be rough all the time

Yep- Granted sometimes we all go wild and free, but once too many is a no-no. According to her, rough sex play gives the impression that the man is fighting her. and for her, sex is not a fight.

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