They were forced to collect sachet water and papers after the soldier stopped the vehicle from moving and asked all the passengers to clean the motorway.

The incident happened a few metres to the toll booth on the Accra stretch of the motorway.

Heaps of refuse continue to mount up on sections of the Accra-Tema motorway, a situation that has become a source of worry to motorists who ply the 19-kilometre highway.

The garbage is believed to be usually ­dumped along the stretch by squatters and passengers on vehicles to and from Accra and Tema who eat and throw the litters on the shoulders of the road.

Over 1000 slum settlements in different stages of development have been identified along the Accra-Tema motorway.

However, the highway is currently in a deplorable state as it is covered with deep potholes and road markings have been wiped off by the thousands of vehicles that ply the roads every day.

The motorway has deteriorated and now a death trap with high traffic growth and encroachment.

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