If you thought that the Nike Mags are the most futuristic shoes you’ve ever seen, think again. Virgin America has launched a pair of sneakers that they have dubbed the “First Class Shoe”, and if you’re wondering what on earth is an airline company doing releasing sneakers, basically it seems like it’s a marketing stunt to promote its first class facilities.

The shoes were created in partnership with a Milanese firm called SearchnDesign. Like we said, the shoes are supposed to mimic the first class facilities offered by Virgin America and have been designed as such. It comes with a built-in WiFi hotspot so you’ll be able to provide WiFi to your mobile devices on the go (data plan is not included).

It also features mood lighting if you want everyone around you to know how you’re feeling. There is also a USB port for charging, and there is also a display built into the tongue of the shoe, which is a bit of an odd placement since you won’t actually be able to see it, but we guess it gives the person you’re talking to somewhere else to look at.

The shoe is a one-off creation and it is currently being sold on eBay where the proceeds from the auction will be donated to Soles4Souls, a non-profit charity organization that aims to help fight poverty. As it stands the shoes are listed at a bid of $1,451 and with 8 days to go, we reckon it could probably go beyond the $2,000 mark.

Watch video below: