Actress Xandy Kamel has once again gone out of her way to make headlines.

The daughter of a Former Ghanaian Minister during an interview on Neat FM with Kwame Adjetia showed off her waist beads to those present.

Xandy's raunchy side was turned on after the radio host asked how they play sex roles in movies.

Adjetia was quite hesitant after the actress stepped out of her seat to zip down his trousers in a bid to show him how sex scenes are played on movie sets.

However after the radio show host rejected her move, she stopped and told him that she doesn’t wear panties and doesn't mind showing him.

Xandy pulled her shorts down a bit and showed him her beads while saying she doesn't have any issue with taking off her clothes, but added that she needed to turn him on too.

She moved close to him again and made him put his hands in her shorts.

He pressed and hit her ass as she moved back to her seat.

After she got back to her seat, the Ghanaian actress asked the radio host if he was turned on because he had a cry-look on his face.

Adjetia admitted that he felt that way.

Here is the video below;


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