The Inspector General of Police has been called upon to immediately intervene in a chieftaincy dispute in the Agona Nyakrom in the Central region.

The dispute is between two families – the Ampia Koko Yego gate and the Apaa Yego gate – claiming the Agona Nyakrom stool.

The dispute which has span four decades according to residents has not only resulted in injuries and loss of property but has also led to several lives being lost as well.

Despite a court ruling declaring the Apaa Yego gate legitimate occupants of the Agona Nyakrom stool, the area is still in a state of insecurity with frequent attacks on members of the two feuding factions as the Ampia Yego gate has refused to accept the court verdict.

The feud was rekindled Sunday evening when one of the feuding factions allegedly attacked the home of the family head of the other faction setting his vehicle ablaze.

The Toyota pick-up with registration number GW 3822 W according to the affected gate was without battery and therefore couldn’t have caught fire without any complicity.

The police in the area according to the affected family have been compromised in the ensuing dispute making them unworthy to act as arbiters in brokering peace in the area.

The IGP, the family says must intervene in resolving the feud especially in ensuring calm in the area as the worst could happen if the violence against them is not stopped especially when the police per their posture have shown that they support the other gate.