President John Dramani Mahama has reiterated his commitment to ensure peaceful general elections next week, noting he would be the biggest loser in the event of violence.

Declaring his stance at a peace accord being signed by the presidential candidates in Accra on Thursday, he reminded Ghanaians how precious the country’s democracy is.

“Indeed I have more to lose than any of the candidates here if this country breaks out in violence,” President Mahama said. Having involved in politics since 1996, the president stressed, “our democracy and progress is too precious to be gambled away” on someone’s quest to hold on to power or win power.

“I wish to state my utmost commitment to peaceful and successful elections,” he reassured.

President Mahama noted that he has in the past urged his followers to ensure that the peace of this country is respected and will continue to encourage them to pursue that cause. While calling on other presidential candidates to do same, he recalled the peaceful atmosphere his predecessors handed down and promised that it would not be “succumbed by violence” under his watch.

“No amount of political power is worth the shedding of one blot of blood of a Ghanaian,’ he admonished.

“We are one people with one destiny and may God help our homeland Ghana,” he prayed. The peace accord was witnessed by the Electoral Commission, former president Jerry John Rawlings, Chief Justice Mrs. Georgina Wood and both local and international observers including ECOWAS, UN and EU.