Recently, twitterati shared a great laugh together over a video of two dogs jumping while a Sikh boy grooves to some bhangra moves to entertain the dogs. The video went viral in no time and has over 95,000 likes on it already. It shows a boy and two dogs standing across each other separated by an iron gate.

The boy is seen happily playing with the dogs by dancing in front of them. What melted everyone's heart is the reaction that those two dogs gave to the boy's dancing. This funny video shows how the dogs stopped jumping as the boy stopped dancing and started jumping again once the boy resumed his dancing.— Vinesh Kataria (@VineshKataria) 1601754679000

There are so many great comments on this particular video. One user even went on to mention, “Open the gates. Let these cuties dance with him.” This video has over 27,000 retweets which give us a clear idea of how people love watching such happy vibe videos on Twitter.

@VineshKataria @simply_mixed_up Open the gates. Let these cuties dance with him — Shalini Singh Sengar (@Maverickmusafir) 1601783623000

Here are some more comments on this cute viral video:

@VineshKataria @TanwarAvani Is he training them how to do Bhangra? — The Internet Troll (@iInternetTroll) 1601783629000

@VineshKataria Only punjabis can do this❤— Aishwarya Rajawat (@aishwarya__14) 1601783697000

@YonSolitary @VineshKataria Innocent baccha hai. The dogs have totally received his energy and are loving the high.…— Rehmat Lokhandwala (@RehmatLokhandw1) 1601797752000

@Cyborgreddy @VineshKataria At that age without music he should be appreciated— kranthi kumar (@UrsKranti) 1601784809000

@VineshKataria That kids got some serious moves ...— ‏‎‎‎نیتن کمار நிதின் குமார் নিতিন നിതിൻ കുമാർ (@nitinkumarm2) 1601785317000

@VineshKataria Any one want to learn Bhangra! yes that kid got all the moves. Pause video after every move and practice.— Raghavendra S (@ragh_twt) 1601785768000

@VineshKataria 1) Best Bhangra ever!!2) Best video to start the morning with3) Would've been the best video on th…— Bertrand Zobrist (@AB_arpit) 1601786325000