Ghana does not have an education system, that’s according to a Deputy Education Minister Education in charge of General Education, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum.

In his view, what Ghana runs currently does not qualify to be called a “system.”

“In my analysis, my thinking, always, I look at how this [a particular policy] will improve outcomes and how do we build a system of education. Not to really underrate what we have but I always tell people that we don’t have a system. We have a patchwork of arrangement which we kid ourselves and called a system. And that is what we’ve embarked upon developing now,” Dr. Adutwum added on the Citi Breakfast Show on Tuesday.

Dr. Adutwum however failed to give details to buttress his claim but said his remark is not also to underrate the current makeshift structure the country was operating.

The term “education system” according to the young adult website includes all institutions which are concerned with the education of children, young persons and adults, in particular preschool/Kindergarten, preschool/nursery school, primary school, lower secondary school, vocational upper secondary school, high schools, vocational schools, and on tertiary level polytechnics, universities and also institutions of adult education like adult education centres.

According to the website, the structure of an educational system varies between nations.

Mr. Adutwum on the Citi Breakfast show used the opportunity to respond to issues confronting government’s free Senior High School programme as well as the double-track calendar system.

Per the double-calendar system which begins in September 2018, there would be two separate admissions into senior high schools.

Dr. Adutwum said government will employ about 8,000 new graduate teachers for senior high schools to make the double track system successful.

He also said government is not considering suggestions of cutting off boarding students from the free senior high school programme in order to sustain it.