Ghanaian pastor, Tetebremu Apostle Kennedy Afreh Poku, has rubbished the notion that pastors do not like to engage in sexual activities or explore sexual fantasies.

In an interview on eTV Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’ adult show, Apostle Kennedy confessed that pastors love and enjoy sex too and as a matter of fact, they love p*ssy even more than the regular church members do.

This came up after he urged men to eat out their woman if that is what it takes for her to get wet. This statement triggered Adwen to ask if pastors really like and support that, to which he gave this reply:

“As pastors, we don’t live as spirits. We’re still human. People have said this so much that pastors don’t like sex and it’s becoming everyone’s belief but we like sex very much. Some pastors even have way better sex games than their church members”, he said.

The man of God again hammered on the fact that pastors, especially the younger ones, are very good in bed and “if you play with them, trouble will befall you”.