The Chiefs and people of Nogokpo in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region have threatened to make Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, the founder and leader of the Perez Chapel International, a scapegoat if he fails to show up at their palace.

The chiefs issued a 14-day ultimatum to Archbishop Agyinasare during a press conference on Friday, June 2, to appear before them to resolve a dispute arising from some statements he recently made.

In an interview with Selorm Adonoo on Eyewitness News, the convener of the community, Nufialaga Mawufemor Korbla Nonyigbey, cautioned, “We have given him a 14-day ultimatum. If he wants to do the needful, he should come. If he doesn’t want to, he should refuse. If he is mature enough, he should do what is needful. If Agyinasare doesn’t do the needful, we will make him a scapegoat.”

The convener of the community said the justification by the founder and leader of the Perez Chapel International will not be accepted.

“He has caused serious damage to Voltarians and the people of Nogokpo. His justification doesn’t prove anything to us,” Nufialaga Mawufemor Korbla Nonyigbey fumed.

Nogokpo chiefs slam Christian Council

He lambasted the Christian Council for being quiet about the matter.

“He said things damaging a whole community, and the Christian Council thinks it’s okay with what he said. He should respect the African traditional belief system,” he pointed out.

The convener of the community clarified that the deity in Nogokpo does not scare people away.

“It is not a matter of instilling fear in people. Everyone knows the power of the supreme deity, the thunder deity in Nogokpo. Nogokpo is the god of justice,” he clarified.

Archbishop Agyinasare caused a stir during a Supernatural Summit held at the headquarters of Perez Chapel in Accra on Thursday, May 25, 2023, when he preached about divine protection and the existence of evil forces, casting insinuations against Nogokpo, a deity named after a town in the Volta Region.

He claimed Nogokpo is the demonic headquarters of the Volta Region; a claimed that infuriated the chiefs and people in the town.

Source: citifmonline