During  the summer of 2021, there was an event that not a single football fan obviously expected. The legend of «Barcelona» and of Argentina Lionel Messi moved to French «PSG». Now 1xBet app users will be able to bet from anywhere on the matches of the star player in the new team.

Of course, according to the media reports and the forward's own comments, he was not going to change the team this off-season. However, the reason for this decision was the financial fair play. "Barcelona" did not have the opportunity to keep such a highly-paid performer in their team. As a result, the Parisian club got the best player of the 21st century for free.

It's worth mentioning that this decision was perfect from a media perspective. In a few days, more than 10 million people subscribed to the club's Instagram. At the moment, the team has already fully recouped the cost of Messi by selling merchandise with the star's name on it.

Interestingly, 1xBet application has a bet on whether the Argentine will become the top scorer of Ligue 1. Moreover, the Argentine is the clear favorite despite the fact that he joined the team already after the start of the championship.

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Continuing the topic started above, it is worth talking about the tandem between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Before the Portuguese's move to «Manchester United», many were sure that the Parisian bosses would try to buy him out of Turin in order to blow up the world media. 1xBet login provides the bettor with the opportunity to make a bet on matches with the participation of both legends of world football.

In the context of this topic, it is interesting to discuss what the duo of Ronaldo and Messi in one team would give to the world football. Globally speaking, it is worth highlighting the following points:

  1. Millions of fans around the world would finally be able to answer the question of who is the best footballer in history. Doing so, when the two phenomena are playing in different clubs and more often than not, leagues, is extremely difficult.

  2. The question which performer would be the leader of the team would be relevant. Or maybe such a transfer policy would lead the club, which decided to unite the legends, to constant conflicts.

  3. Could a team with Messi and Ronaldo win the Champions League title? Obviously, in conjunction with young stars, this task would be realistic.

However, every year the probability of seeing these players in the same team decreases significantly. Login 1xBet is a possibility to combine the games of both legends, for example by combining their matches in an express.