In the last couple of years, online betting has become one of the most popular hobbies. Consequently, millions of people use their desktop and handheld devices to play casino games and bet on sports. Both of these things are really popular, but it seems like more people prefer to bet on sport because there are just more sports fans overall.

Almost every online bookmaker has loads of sports to choose from, which is fantastic. Despite that, the vast majority of bettors pick football, even though the odds for it aren’t always that good. So, why do so many punters prefer to bet on this sport rather than something else?

This is the most popular sport

Although this is not true for every country, football remains the most practiced and watched sport in most countries around the world. Naturally, most people that watch football matches also like to bet on them, especially if they have a favorite team.

There are many matches to choose from

Another reason why many bettors choose football is because of the matches. In addition to the regional competition, every continent has its own unique tournaments and leagues that bring together the best teams. As a result, bettors have the option to choose from all sorts of games, markets, and lucrative odds.

Some bookmakers have exclusive bonuses and features that are not available for another sport

In addition to being popular, football is also the go-to option for many bettors because of the different bonuses and features. Nostrabet offers a lot of reviews, where you will find online bookmakers that have special surprises for all football fans.

There are many examples here, especially when it comes down to the bonuses. Most of the big gambling operators have an ACCA boost promo, which allows bettors to get an additional percentage on the money they’ve won from an accumulator bet.

Another popular football bonus is the one where you can get an additional reward if you’ve bet on specific events. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many gambling websites that have this promo.

Sometimes, the odds are really good

One of the things that you will notice once you start betting regularly is that the odds for football aren’t usually that good. Yet, there are some betting websites where you can find way better odds compared to other places, which is why once you find a certain online bookie, you need to check its football odds and compare them to some of the other sports.


People have different reasons why they choose to bet on football. If you’re someone who’s been watching football matches for many years, you will have loads of fun punting on your favorite team. However, if you don’t have any previous betting experience, make sure you check out everything that your bookie has to offer before you start betting. Although you might want to bet on football, you could find sports that have way better odds and markets.