I can confidently state here that extremely gorgeous Ghanaian women are never half-worth the trouble they put men through. There is always something extremely wrong with them.

Actually, many men are often painfully aware of this fact, the reason even play-boys and seemingly handsome men will go for the most average woman when it comes to serious dating or marriage.

The code among men is that average women are better in all aspects of life because of what we call compensatory factors.

The average looking women are aware that they lack something vital and always strive to compensate for it in all fronts - from cooking well, to good manners and better still to where it matters most, bedroom. Not so with beautiful women. For one, they are mostly a great pain dating or dealing with.

With this research by Nene Kabutey Dosoo, every Ghanaian man wants a beautiful partner until they get close, and understand certain truths about gorgeous people.

Have you ever wondered why good-looking men do not seem to be interested in beautiful and gorgeous women? It is not just because they look beyond the heart; over time, it is a possibility they might have observed certain things they didn’t find great about them.

GhanaNewsPage.com’s research has shown that beautiful Ghanaian women tend to have a similar behavioral pattern. A lot of men are repulsed by these character traits and that is the reason more of them shy away from being with them. So, what are some of these character traits exhibited by beautiful Ghanaian women?

GHANAIAN WOMEN BELIEVE THEIR BEAUTY IS AN ASSET WORTH INVESTING IN: A lot of beautiful women are way over themselves. They know they are gorgeous, and they know they are in demand, so they also allow themselves get carried away so much that they think that every man that comes their way has to part with money or some other valuable in order to be with them. Not every man shares the same belief, so they run away.


BEHAVIOUR: Because most pretty women know they are beautiful and sought after, they allow it get to their head, and then their ego is inflated, which somehow makes them look down on men who come around them. Since no one wants to be disrespected for a mere attraction, this could make a man run away from a beautiful lady.

SOME OF THEM ARE DISCRIMINATORY: Money aside, not many pretty women are going to even look in your direction if you’re not half as good looking or more attractive than they are. Most men know this, so why bother.

MOST OF THEM ARE NOT WARM TOWARDS OTHERS: The truth is that there are more introverted pretty ladies than extroverted, so it’s hard to know when they’re single or ready to mingle. Most guys are given the impression that these women are not available, so they just keep off.

THE CURSE OF BEAUTY: Many guys believe that the more beautiful a lady is, the less intelligent she could be. And even though this isn’t true, sometimes, it proves so. This however, is an injustice to the beautiful and intelligent ones around.

INSECURITY: The reason some guys shy away from beautiful women is for none of the above, really, except they are just insecure, and don’t want to live in constant fear that someday, they’ll lose their woman to a richer man. This is not always so, but a lot of men face this security problem, and that’s why they run from pretty women.

BY: William Kabutey Dosoo