Lady Rev. Mrs. Patricia Baidoo, the wife of the head pastor of Triumphant Christian Centre, Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Yaw Baidoo, has revealed what makes most pastors' wives flare up so easily.

According to her, "they are sitting on a time bombs" waiting to explode at the least provocation.

In an interview on TalkLife TV, Mama Pat told Nana Yaa Konadu that, unlike church members who can contact pastors' wives at any time with their difficulties, the pastor's wife is unable to do the same because of concern that her issues will be made public.

According to Mrs. Baidoo, pastors' wives typically have no one to turn to when they are in difficulties since churchgoers will gossip about it and assume that they [pastor's wives] are probably different people.

"You can't just tell anyone about your difficulties if you're a pastor's wife because you don't know who will hear about them or how they will be discussed. Some church members may even wish to avoid you after discussing your problems because they think Sofomaame cannot go through such a problem," she disclosed.

The majority of pastors' wives, she continued, "are sitting on time bombs because they don't have anyone to communicate their concerns with, so they explode at the slightest provocation."

Mrs. Patricia Baidoo emphasized that it is typically challenging to be a pastor's wife.

She claimed that, in contrast to other homes where wives hold additional employment, a pastor's wife naturally and fully participates in her husband's ministry.

Mama Pat observed how some church members criticize her because they believe she is too loud and speaks the truth as it is. She thought back to a time when she had to even apologize to some members of their ministry for being too harsh with them.

"Because of my honesty and inability to deceive, I frequently run into conflict with church members who believe that when things go wrong, I should approach them in a different way. I can't be a pastor's wife and be telling lies; the ten commandments forbid it. If I do, where will I be when I pass away? This is what makes being a pastor's wife challenging," she noted.

She revealed that in many instances, ladies even want a connection with the pastor but because his wife won't allow it, she is labeled a bad person.