I am highly sure that as a man, you may be wondering why most women reject a nice and humble man.

Again you may also be thinking over why most women prefer to date a stubborn and rugged person.

Hmmmm this is very interesting.

I was on the same path of thought until I decided to verify and ask why this was so.

I engaged many women in a dialogue as a way of getting a unanimous answer, but there is a popular saying that “one man’s food is another man’s poison”.

In fact to be honest with you, I was amazed when someone told me that she did not see them as real men.

Listed below are other reasons I gathered from my research.

1. Most Girls reject first-class and responsible men because of the fact that they may appear vulnerable and incapable of protecting and disciplining them when they misbehave.

This is serious oooo.

Every lady has an intuitive preference for guys who are a little strict, who can demonstrate their manliness, and who, regardless of how they feel about it, tell it like it is.

2. A lot of women reject humble and good guys because of the fact that some of them believe that a man should not be too quiet or gentle.

They are of the opinion that these types of men are not very brave.

And this may be the reason why they seek manliness and courage in their men.

3. Some of them may reject good and responsible men all because of the fact that they feel that they are not fun to be with.

Most ladies prefer a man who is creative enough for their liking.

4. Ladies see satisfactory and responsible men as being too quiet in any situation, even when movement is needed; they often remain silent without reacting because they are afraid of how the woman will react if they react.

In fact this group of men may believe they are pleasing the ladies by doing so, but some girls despise them.

Thank you for your time.