A family member of Ghanaian actor, Ebenezer Osae Aryeh, has told manassehazure.com that photos of his alleged attack by supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are fake.

The actor who featured in a number of campaign ads of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) is said to have been after the NPP’s victory.

“I’m 300% sure that the said attack is fake,” the source, who does not want to be named said.

“His mother is very angry about it but she doesn’t want to speak to the media. Everybody in the family is very upset,” the source said.

The family source said, “as far as we are concerned, no attack happened in the house here. And if he was attacked elsewhere and was taken to the hospital, at least one family member would have been called. The first place we saw those pictures was on Facebook,” the source added.

The family source said all attempts by family members, including Wofa K’s mother, to get any answers from him from the attacks have failed to yield any results.

“He would not talk to anybody. He locked himself up in the room and when his mother knocked he would not open. Ask Dela Coffie and those sharing the pictures on Facebook which hospital he was treated? If he was really attacked would he not be in the hospital at least for some time? Why are the photographs not taken at the hospital but in the room somewhere?”

The family member disclosed that Wofa K is not an NDC member, but he only did the ads for money.

“We think he is doing this for two reasons: Maybe he has not been paid all the money by the NDC and he wants to use this to get attention or his money or the NDC just want to use him to make a case that there is violence since Nana Akufo-Addo became president-elect.”

The source finally disclosed that nobody in their family and his Ashalley Botwe neighbours believes that Wofa K was attacked.

One of Wofa K's pictures on social media
One of Wofa K’s pictures on social media
There have been nationwide reports of attacks on NDC supporters by the NPP.

The Minister for Communications, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah and the Ghana Police Service have released press statements condemning the attacks and warned that perpetrators would be dealt with.

While some attacks on billboards, offices and other facilities have been found to be true, images of Wofa K’s attack has been disputed Facebook and other social media platforms.

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Source: Manasseh Azure.com