A woman in her late 60s is believed to have been murdered.
According to reports, the incident occurred between Apesokubi and Kaboso in the Biakoye district of the Oti region.

The woman is alleged to have left her home on Saturday to attend a funeral in Apesokubi but was not seen by her neighbours for two days.

She was later discovered with her tongue, breasts, and a private portion removed in a pit latrine near her compound.

Residents referred to her as Daa Yaa.

The police, together with a medical team from Worawora Hospital, arrived in the village and advised that she be buried due to the body’s decomposition.

An investigation is underway, and no suspects have been apprehended.

Residents are in shock and dread as a result of the occurrence.

They have subsequently requested that the Police investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice.