Renowned Islamic scholar, Ustaz Abdulfattah Adeyemi has told women that it is greedy of them to want to have their husbands to themselves.

Adeyemi, who is also the founder of Baynakum Family Counseling Centre said women who try to keep their husbands from practising polygamy are "thieves" who want everything for themselves.

He informed Muslim women that they only have 25% of their husbands while the other 75% belongs to other women. He then encouraged them to be happy to share their husbands with other women because men are the Angels that Allah sends to help women.

The cleric said this in a paper titled, "Charity, a path to Jannah," which he presented in Abuja during the inauguration of Sisters of Jannah, a Muslim women’s charity organisation.

Ustaz admonished women "not to deny their husbands polygamy," but should only pray that the husbands treat all equally in any action taken.

He said:

Let me tell you that your husband is only yours 25 per cent; your husband is not your property; your only share of him is 25 per cent. The remaining 75 per cent belongs to other women.

If you want your husband 100 per cent, then you are a thief; you are going beyond the 25 per cent that is yours; the remaining 75 per cent belongs to other ladies.

Don’t think that because you are wives, other women should not share your husbands.

He lamented the behaviour of some "overprotective" married women who deny the men their wishes of having more wives and described such as "ungodly."

Ustaz Adeyemi added that overprotective women have only served to make many men devise "smart means" of engaging in illegal relationships outside their matrimonial homes. He urged housewives to "stop being unnecessarily jealous of their husbands’ relationships outside."

According to him, men can only be faithful when they die.

He said:

Men are not stupid, the men are even becoming smart. It’s until when some die that you know how many children they have.

I am not saying that is what happens every time; but if you think you are too smart, men are smarter.

You have never been a man before in your life, you can’t imagine what goes through in the minds of men. Let us fear Allah, as much as possible.

If Allah makes it easy for you, if they ask you to shift, please shift a little so that somebody else can also sit down.

And you that is asking somebody else to shift, you have to fear Allah; you that they want to allow to come in, fear Allah. Don’t go there and scatter their lives for them. Don’t go there and constitute problem for them.

The man may be doing it for the sake of Allah, don’t let him regret it.

Ustaz Adeyemi also blamed women for the failure of most polygamous homes and asked them to have a change of heart.

He said:

Whenever you see polygamy that is not successful, it is because of a woman.

Na woman dey do woman. The one that is inside the house and the one that is coming into the house and both women.It is women that are the enemies of women.

If the man is trying to be just, it is the other woman that will go and enter him and turn his head the other way. You will be going North and he will be going South.

It is two women that are both diabolical because of a man. We men are the Angels that Allah sends to help women.