Following speculations that Nana Ama McBrown bought views for her Onua TV ‘ShowTime’ launch, popular social commentator, Kelvin Taylor, was key among the individuals that stood to her defense.

Nana Yaa Brefo, who appears to already have an outstanding feud with her colleague, Nana Ama McBrown, was one of the people who deemed the feat as ‘ordinary’.

In reaction to McBrown’s act of attracting over 10,000 Facebook views during her new show, Yaa Brefo stated that having a huge following and viewership isn’t a measure of one’s success on TV or radio.

“Them talk say Facebook number dey mean a lot, say e dey show say u dey carry the station so why u no dey give me same nos for Facebook or my fans u no dey love me like that or u dey talk say ma b) dam hahahahaha Charlie show me love u dey here plenty,” she wrote on Facebook in Pidgin English.

Shortly after, when the trolls intensified in the comment section of that particular post, she went live on Facebook and reiterated:

“Radio and TV job isn’t about Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. This has been the trend nowadays and it shouldn’t be like that. When I talk, you people keep saying that I am jealous. Why should I be jealous of someone who does entertainment and I don’t? We are not in the same lane.”

Kevin Taylor, one of the individuals who had a different narrative, heavily descended on the Angel FM broadcaster while defending McBrown.

“You are hating on Nana Ama Mcbrown, why are you hating on her? Let’s be honest here, Nana Ama McBrown isn’t the best when it comes to presentation on TV. She isn’t the most intelligent lady to host a show in Ghana, No! She isn’t even a trained broadcaster, so for Nana Ama McBrown to be able to hold some number of viewership, you need to understand that she comes with something extraordinary the majority of you ladies don’t come with.

“Apart from the acting, she has been able to carry something with her that sometimes you even ask yourself what is so special about her that a lot of people follow her. It is something you people need to learn. Every individual has a unique thing about them. What do you people carry? Nana Yaa Brefo, what do you carry? Ponk? Lose stupid talk? You don’t carry anything, you are flat, you are not versatile,” He fumed.

A raged Yaa Brefo hit back with a wild response.

“He should take his stupidity somewhere else. Nobody is scared of him; he will hear from me. I ignored him when he started but not anymore. He is very stupid and doesn’t think. You were hustling in Obuasi when a woman held your hands and took you out of this country to America. It was a woman who took you out of the village and made you who you are today.

“If you had migrated from Obuasi to Accra and hustled like some of us, you won't talk trash. Look, some of us visit America, we go on vacations there and come back when we like. We board business class and spend some time there and come back home. We don’t stay there and struggle like you do,” she fumed.

McBrown left Despite Media's UTV for Media General's Onua TV and has since become a topic for discussion as her exit was shrouded in controversy.

Source: Ghanaweb