Husbands of Zoomlion workers in Tumu of the Upper West are complaining that Zoomlion Ghana is converting their wives into Christianity in a subtle manner.

They complained that the situation is making them uncomfortable as their wives leave home early in the morning and return noon.

Zoomlion which has been in existence for ten years organized an annual one week thanksgiving service with the Church of Pentecost with their workers participating.

Baba, a husband of one of the workers told Radford FM’s Balu Mohammed ‘I have also heard that when they close from work, they take the register to the church to mark and if you are not present you would be marked absent, as Muslims I expect our leadership to talk about this situation and stop it, today its Friday and it’s about 11pm, Muslims are in the church, what time will they get back to prepare and go for Friday prayers,” he asked.

Baba suggested to management of Zoomlion to employ only Christians and questioned why one could be practicing two faith at the same time.

‘I couldn’t eat my breakfast in the morning because my wife was not around,’ he bemoaned.

Another zongo resident Abu Mohammed expressed worry that their wives could stop being Muslims if they persistently force them into the churches.

‘All humans have the right to belong to any faith but Zoomlion should allow each worker to worship where they pray but to put all of them together is disrespect for one’s faith and this can get some of them to stop being Muslims. Even here in Tumu Muslims form the majority but why did they choose to pray with Christians at the expense of the mosque. In Islam, if you give your belief to any religion either than yours its only for its worldly gains, why do you exchange your faith,’ he questioned.

But the Tumu Zoomlion manager Isaac Bakuoru explained that the company has been thanking God since its inception in the various districts and regional and national levels.

He explained that the idea was not to woo Muslims into other religion.

Mr Bakuoro stated that he is not aware of anybody who has left his or her faith as a result of the thanksgiving service explaining that the programme is meant to seek God’s blessings.

“Myself I am a Christian, I don’t worship at Pentecost but had to come here for the one week session. The workers were all clad in one attire and I could hear the sermon been served from the Pentecost church as I visited the old slaughterhouse in Dayariwie, an old suburb of Tumu,’ he said.