Almost every football club has a player or several players who arequintessential to the team.  It is believed that the loss of these players greatly affects the results of the teams, but assessing the effectiveness of the players is an Augean task.

To evaluate the effectiveness of a key player, you have to take a club where the level of his teammates was much lower. From a recent memory, a striking example was Luis Suarez for Barcelona until he moved to Atletico, of current examples we can take Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid into considerations.

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You will have to learn a hard way to understand how the absence of a key player in the team can be used in betting. You will need the following to do this:

  • Determine from what date the player has been with the team and see how many games the club has played in the league since then. The sample is more accurate if the number of games is at least 120.

  • All these games must be divided into three categories:

  • the player participated in the game;

  • the player came out as a substitute;

  • the player did not participate in the game.

Next, look at how many points the team scored in each category and divide them by the number of games in the category.

In this way, you will see how many points on average a team gets when a star player takes to the pitch, when a substitute takes to the pitch and when a player is on the bench or not in the game. In some cases, it may surprise you to see that the team scores more points in matches without the key player. This means that his role on the team is overestimated by the coach, the fans, and the media. Most importantly, few suspect this. Once such a player is injured, bookmakers will inflate the odds of his team's victory. What to do in such cases, you can probably give a subjective guess.

Statistics is a good thing to look at the performance of players from a different angle, but you should also be guided by common sense. It may be that in the majority of games in which a key player did not play, the team played against the outsiders of the tournament. In that case, the statistics will reflect distorted data. Therefore, when doing such research, pay attention to the level of the opponents as well.


Influence of key players in football matches

This approach to analyzing teams' play looks unconventional and innovative. It is quite possible that with an extensive study you will be able to discover some trends that the bookmakers have overlooked and betwinner downlead. In any case, the study of the effectiveness of individual players will not be superfluous and only help in predicting the outcome of the match.

To be a successful bettor, not only do you need to know the sport well, but you also need to follow certain rules of life. Knowing these rules will allow you to reach a new level of play.

Following these rules will not necessarily bring results, but your chances of success will increase significantly. Every bettor can become successful, the main thing is not to stand still, to develop, and constantly be in search of new trends and game strategies.


Is it vital to rely on key players in outings?

Yes, it’s a paramount aspect to rely on in football matches. Star players can drastically help their team get the desired result and score goals whenever a team wants it the most.

Do the star players can make a difference just by coming on the pitch?

Most often than not, star players are a no-brainer. When such stars as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, or Neymar are on the pitch, that’s a whole diffrent story. They are the difference makers.